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New Online Stock Purchase Program
by Tom Paganes

With the market of over 120 million investors, finding
new products in the financial industry are rare, but
equally rare are those products that can make an impact
on investors and their ability to enter the investment

That oppertunity has come with a new online financial
program called Portfolio Builder www.portfoliobuilder.net
lets the investor do just that, it enables the investor to
not only save money but to purchase Securities, Electronic
Transfer Funds(ETFs) the QQQs, (Spiders) online that in the
past were only available to a selected few, the program can
except any 401k rollover at no cost to the investor, the
program has many new features that are not available thru
traditional brokerages that may be of interest to
investors, one of it's prime feature is purchasing stocks
in fractional shares (NEW CONCEPT) rather than share
amounts, investors can choose weekly, biweekly or monthly
plans of their choice, with and industry low investment
minimum of-$10.00 per security, with no inactivity or
maintenance fees and no minimum balances required, the NO
FEE IRA that can be invested in by the investor in monthly
installments rather than one lump sum amount at the end of
the year, it has free dividend reinvestment, free automatic
purchases and withdrawals, their low monthly membership fee
of $14.99 pays for all the investors buy and sell activity
for the month and offers the option of buying individual
securities for only $3.99, the program provides up to the
hour online statements and promotes a buy and hold strategy
along with dollar cost averaging two important investor

To insure the security of the accounts process they are
fully insured by SIPC-NASD with all securities bought and
held at Fiserv Corp. one of the largest public traded
clearing firms in the country.

With the current Mutual Fund investagation into high fees
and after hours trading it is refreshing to see a program
where the investor has another choice over his investment
options. For the hundereds of thousands who have already
discovered this new cost saving investment program and it's
easy access to the market Portfolio Builder is an easy
choice for investors tired of paying high brokerage fees
and large sums to buy stocks, Portfolio Builder is a rather
refreshing new way and vehicle to start an investment

Thank You.

Tom Paganes

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