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Alex Stelmak's Tradition
by Larry Stryker

Alex Stelmak came to United States with his family in
early 1970s from Odessa, Ukraina (former USSR). The
highest education he achieved back there was a truck
driver at a technical school with high school diploma
equivalent. He had never studied in a college afterwards,
but in his resume which he filed with SEC documentations
he claimed that he had Bachelor's Degree in Business
Administration. He even didn't indicate from which college
he graduated. For about twenty years he worked as a truck
driver and car salesman. Around 1993 Alex Stelmak started
to work as a cold caller in boiler room operation based at
Barret Day Securities on 42 Broadway in New York. In 1994
he paid $2,500 to someone, who using a fake ID passed for
him Series 7 Examination in New Jersey. Being registered
briefly with couple brokerage firms and known by name Big
Al, he stayed around a year with M.Rimson&Co.; at 2 Rector
St. New York, running boiler room operation. At that time,
he opened offshore account in Vienna Austria, receiving
big amount of money for selling bulletin board stocks.

In 1996 he together with his friend X started currency
trading company Oxford Holding NY, Ltd. X brought to the
company another friend Stan Mashov. They decided to build
website to trade currencies on internet. One million
dollars was raised in private placement. Later on Alex and
Stan stole former partners' shares and used unauthorized
name of one of the partner in private placement in 1999,
raising three million dollars. In 2001 they raised
$21,000,000 in another private placement. Right now they
are doing business under the name of Advanced Technologies
Group, Ltd. www.atgworld.com . This is Reporting Company
under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
22&first;=1993&last;=2003&mode;=Simple The Company built
website www.fxdd.com which backed by Tradition
http://www.traditiongroup.com/uk/home3.asp , Swiss
company, a top tier money and foreign exchange broker.

NOW, Alex is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Director
and Chief Financial Officer of Advanced Technologies
Group, Ltd. He also President of Commonwealth Capital
Group, a financial advisory and investment-banking firm.
His partner is Tradition, big Swiss firm. What a CAREER.
American dream. Uneducated track driver, car salesman and
boiler room operator achieved so much. I do believe that
he still running boiler room operation in Commonwealth
Capital Group. One of his Senior Managing Directors also
paid $2,500 for Series 7 Examination. Commonwealth Capital
Group shares the same office with Advanced Technologies
Group, Ltd.

Stan Mashov worked as dental technician in Leningrad USSR
(now St. Petersburg, Russia). Stan has Associate Degree in
Accounting from Berkeley College of Business in New York
(43St. and Madison Ave). Now he is Chief Technology
Officer of FXDirectDealer Tradition Group Company.

>From Advanced Technologies Group 10K (link) report of
6/20/2003 we can find out that management used $3 per
share, or $23,756,000 to value the purchase of Luxury
Lounge Inc. The fair market value of the assets and
liabilities of Luxury at the time of the purchase was
approximately $47,000. As a result, the Company recognized
$23,709,000 in goodwill. Consequently, the Company
recognized an impairment charge of $23,709,000 in the
statement of operations for fiscal 2002. This $24,000,000
investment has address in Fort Lee, NJ, which is simply
residential apartment and has phone number and e-mail of
Advanced Technologies Group, Ltd. As we know, Luxury
Lounge Inc. belonged to Abel Raskas, one of the ATG

All statements are absolutely true. For example: in May of
2003 was arrested by FBI person who was Stelmak's boss in
Barret Day Securities. He was the one who "sponsored" Alex
for Series 7 Exam. Any private investigator can find out
his background and experience which totally contradict
with his resume on company website
http://www.atgworld.com/?op=leadteam or in SEC files
500843/0000950147-01-500843.txt Anybody who can subpoena
Alex's NASD records can find out his records ~ several
month with 2-3 small firms and some bulletin boards
stocks. In March 2003 complaint # 03/000578 was filed with
Attorney General Office against
Alex Stelmak and Advanced Technologies Group, Ltd.

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