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25% Per Month - Every Month?
by James Panterra

In a tide of new regulatory measures issued by the
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) most of the
unscrupulous Forex firms have now disappeared or been
forced to change their tune and marketing tactics ~ some
have even gone underground.

In the present climate of new regulations, is it time to
take a new look at FX trading and the aspiring traders who
are making Forex a profitably managed alternative

Most US based hedge funds agree~ IT IS TIME!

During an interview with a US based futures trader that
worked for an overseas "fund", I learned some very
interesting things... There are small private groups of
investors that are formed outside the purview of the CFTC
or other countries regulatory agencies that are currently
making 35-40% per month, each and every month ~ and have
been for the last 10 months.

One of these groups initially began in Germany for small
investors and was marketed under the guise of a
HighYieldInvestmentProgram (HYIP) which has since been

The new trading group soon became registered as a company
in Panama that has since become registered in the US as an
Introducing Broker with a legitimate FOREX trading firm.

In the beginning - 15-25% per month was reported by
members of the now disassociated pool. Large private funds
were competing for the attention of the fund manager but
indicated that they wouldn't invest until the company was
willing to adopt a more stringent management style and
responsible reporting system~ they quickly won out.

Starting out with small investments as low as $110 per
unit was undoubtedly the only choice for start-up capital
which soon became unmanageable and unruly with over 400
worldwide members joining in the first 90 days.

Coming into the US turned out to be a smart move for the
enterprising trading firm. A clearing agent and IB
relationship was quickly obtained with the traders' order
entry system as the most important criteria, lending to
their trading systems demand for quality returns which
would understandably make many investors skeptical at the

As of this writing (September 18, 2003) the company began
operations as an Introducing Broker with a large spot
Forex clearing firm and did realize positive returns of
8.74% with only 1 trader out of a potential three doing
the work due to tech problems. So, it's back to the
programming table for at least 8 weeks... while we
continue the search for the elusive 35-40% per month which
was realized in its "private pool" days.

I have personally interviewed the companies' personnel and
followed the promising rise to stardom of the IB operation
from its infancy ~ when it was just a dream. Yes, I know
the managing director personally. Yes, I know the traders
personally, as well as their management principals~ I was
one of them! And now I am the one who is satisfied only to
write about the dream of multiple and stable trading
systems - traded as sub-accounts to the Main Account with
a choice of just "how-much-money" in percentage terms, to
invest in the various sub-accounts for each trading style -
thus providing a stable rate of return according to ones
own risk profile, even after the 30% fees are deducted
each week... And it has evolved~

It has been proven to me, a retired professional trader,
to be possible~ and someone has learned how to take
advantage of the possibilities~ It IS becoming a Reality!

What if investors were paid 5% every month with additional
profits going into a Reserve Fund to cover negative
months~ And Reserves are also used to guarantee 100% of
the principal invested (it would only take a few months
with compounding at 25% to achieve this~).

Someone is going to utilize these traders, their methods
and ~. Guess what?

Someone is actually doing this~A new hedge fund forming.

I report on that in my next issue of Alternative Trading
Places. Nothing withheld. Contact names, history and
reviews~ Direct interviews with no holds-barred-facts.
Totally Real.

$2,000 would allow you to participate if you know where to

$50,000 would get you 25% per month on average~ if you
know who to contact.

And if you're a professional trader~ there's money to
finance your trading method. You could potentially own a
piece of the Rock.

25% per month is possible- with just Forex trading. Throw
in some Futures trading at 150-200% per month and some
more conservative long-term trading systems with 20 year
track records at a 190% per year average without re-
investment, mix in a certain management style that tends
to limit risks by guaranteeing your principal and feeds a
reserve fund for contingencies... and twalah! You've got
yourself the very best in Alternative Trading Places...

Extra funds to actually live life with! And isn't that
what this is all about?

See you there!

James Panterra

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