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A Real Alternative Investment
by Yan Lewandowski

Outside the US, investing in Traded Life Policy funds
(TLP) as a portfolio enhancement is little known and even
less understood... But the tide is turning.

In recent years, the popularity of Traded Life Policy
funds has grown dramatically. This growth is due to its
viability as a real and safe alternative to traditional
investment media. With this in mind, Tradedlife.com the de
facto discount internet portal has recently been launched.
Tradedlife.com, provides all the information an investor
requires to qualify the investment and undertake due
diligence, after which the straight forward application
form and accompanying documents can be simply and quickly
downloaded and here is the best bit~~~... Not only will
Tradedlife.com arrange to have the completed documents
collected, at their expense, from just about anywhere in
the world, but they will also send you a cheque worth up
to 3 percent of your initial investment - a rebate, which
is in addition to your eventual return~~~~..
Tradedlife.com allows both individuals and institutions to
take advantage of the benefits inherent in this rapidly
growing market, quickly, simply and without the need for
specialist investment advice.

TLP funds aim to provide capital protection combined with
above average returns, in the region of 9 percent per
annum, in an extremely 'low' if not 'no' risk environment.
Where many traditional investments place a heavy emphasis
on investing in volatile markets to provide a return,
Traded Life Policies are completely free from such
uncertainty - as such the underlying return is fixed. As
secure as a good government stock, Traded Life funds
produce returns more in line with a good equity fund, over
the long term, but without the risk.

As with all worthwhile investments minimums have to be
established. The minimum levels however, are low enough to
allow entry to most people with some available capital.
Set at just $USD 15,000 (or currency equivalent), but with
no upper limit, this investment caters well for both the
small individual and the large institutional investor.
Fund performance is just a 'click' away and can be found
on FT.com and is also quoted by Bloomberg and Lipper,
which in itself adds immense credibility to the overall

The typical life expectancy / maturity date applied to the
purchase of such policies is between 12 and 48 months,
making this an ideal short term investment vehicle and a
worthwhile addition to a portfolio.

The Fund aims to purchase quality life insurance
contracts issued by highly rated companies, from
individuals who wish to release the locked up capital
prior to the policy maturity date. Put simply, life
insurance policies are purchased in the US marketplace,
where the maturity values are substantially higher than
elsewhere, from terminally ill individuals as a means of
providing them with a quality of life they may otherwise
not be able to achieve prior to death. The policies are
purchased by the Fund at a substantial discount to value
and after all expenses such as fund charges and on-going
premiums etc, are deducted, the margin between the
remaining balance and the death benefit provides the
return to the investor.

Tradedlife.com is aware of one major player, who has
stopped 'taking chances' - so if it is good enough for
Warren Buffet, is it good enough for you?
For further information visit www.tradedlife.com or e-mail
us on info@tradedlife.com.

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