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About TELUS | Community | Community Investment Program | The
and cultural activities Our community investment initiatives emphasize arts programs that between Arts Umbrella and other art institutes in BC and Alberta

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What if you could invest $450 turn it into a growing 4 figure monthly income and then double it all within 1 year would you be interested?

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Powerful Web Hosting Solutions
State of the art control panel. 200MB storage 20 GIG bandwidth Perl PHP ASP JSP PYTHON 24/7 tech and email support 24/7 monitoring $7.95 FREE set up!!

STARSCAPES Home Business - Earn up to $1500 per Ceiling
Find out how to set up a home business selling glow-in-the-dark ceiling art for bedrooms in homes motels etc. No experience or artistic talent needed. Extremely lucrative fun & rewarding.

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ArtMOTIONcom ArtNews -->Investment: Contemporary art runs hot
Lot 107 at the Phillips sale of modern and contemporary art in Sydney on July 30 was a tiny painting (just 165 by 116 centimetres) by the Sydney artist Susan

dART - Fine Art Marketplace and Community
Florida Antique & Investment Art Auction Jeff_B 0 10/1/98 11:02 PM Art Auction for the benefit of Pancreatic Cancer Research Ira Naznitsky 0 10/10/98 6:56 PM

Fine Art Investment Group
        The main principle of successful art investment is an understanding of fluctuations of painting's value and of it's dynamics

Art of ROI: A Business Case: Higher Return on Investment
A Business Case: Higher Return on Investment with Java TM Technology On-line Where: San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art 151 Third Street San Francisco CA 94103

Store Information
selection of art quality picture framing and excellent service Collectible art investment art and limited edition art by the leading artists in the

Native American Art - What You Should Know Before You Buy
statues you can spend $35 or you can spend $35000 Know what the purpose of your purchase is--investment art? collector of a certain artist's work? Souvenir?

Simmage Gallery Eleven
Affordable Art Room Rating 10 Affordable Art Room Rating 10 Affordable Art Room Rating 10 Affordable Art Room Rating 10 Affordable Art Room Rating 10

Art as an Investment
Q: If I wanted to spend ten to twenty thousand dollars on original art both as an investment and to decorate my house what should I buy and why?

Auction Related Antiques Visual Arts Performing Arts at
Burchard Galleries Antique and Investment Art Auctioneers ANTIQUES INVESTMENT ART ESTATE AUCTIONEERS Selling quality items direct the from the Estate -- St

Acme Toys & Animation Art Gallery
through Lloyd's of London Acme showcases investment quality robots blue chip tin toys rare rock n' roll fine art prints and antique space collectibles

Art Prints for Investment - For Sale
Art Prints for Investment "I have limited Edition Art Prints by all the popular Artist including

Investment Art
Investment and Fine Art Hints on How to Select investment art from an Artist whose work will Appreciate

Art-Innovationscom Original Paintings for Collectors Investment
Art Innovations by Lee Starkey-Brockway ORIGINAL PAINTINGS for Collectors Investment Commercial & Residential

Art Investment Information Services for investors banks
Art Investment Information Services for investors banks galleries experts Any investment in Art go through consulting our comprehensive Internet database

Georg Baselitz on the Internet
Detroit Institute of Arts Image Database USC Annenberg School for Communication Other Web Sites: Union Investment Art Collection (in German) Articles:

Maori Fine Arts Gallery
Find out more about Maori Art as Investment including corporate art Investment Advice on-going Collections management and making the most out of Art

About the Program
you can offer your customers custom framed art prints at 40–50% savings and earn a 15% commission on every sale without investment or hassle on your part

not buy from department stores or from so-called "starving artists" sales Do not buy art as an investment Art may be and often is a good investment but only

Sites du Groupe AXA - Web Sites in the world
AXA Assurance Maroc AXA Colonia AXA Art AXA Investment Managers Deutschland AXA Nordstern Colonia AXA Art Le Groupe AXA en Belgique/ AXA Group in Belgium AXA

Eyvind Earle Landscape Art For Sale --Investment Art
Limited Edition Art By Renowned Landscape Artist EYVIND EARLE VALLEY OF DREAMS ANCIENT TREE

Investing basics: How to invest in art and artists
Like any investment art is a gamble Kahan warns so do your research "Buy what you love" she suggests "because even though it might go through a

Ben Peabody: an Investment in Beauty Architectural Doors
The exciting creations on these pages help interior designers and architects break new ground by including investment quality sculptural doors and display

Art Investment for Entertainment
t ask ourselves if we get our investment back from the theatre or from a sports event--the fun is the payback If you approach art as something that is fun and

Bluegrass Heritage Equestrian Photography - The Gicleé
Investment art for the serious collector Gicleé prints are an exciting new form of fine art printmaking Gicleé prints radiate the surface of watercolor

Captive Service Providers - Investment Management Services for

Investment Art:The limited edition prints of celebrity author-
Henry Miller Print Gallery Welcome to "Henry's Big Sur Gallery" These limited edition

COLIN-FCOM :International Fine ArtModerncontemporary paintings

Collection Privee - Art Investment Concept
ollection Privee will create a total art investment concept for both private and corporate collectors Starting with a minimum of $10000000 this service is

Investment form with KAKTUS - investigation for lost art
KAKTUS Deutsche Version Kunstraub-Aufklärungs-Komitee-Thüringen-Und-Sachsen Unconventional

Art as investment: an old debate rekindled | csmonitorcom
Art as investment: an old debate rekindled Start of auction season may see buyers seeking assets they can rely on By Amanda Paulson | Staff writer of The

Custom Discount Art is a fine art gallery offering famous
An investment in CD ART is like money in the bank! This month's

The Art of Investment
Search for: Books Keywords: The Art of Investment AG Ellinger John Cunningham

investment as any Investment in art - old paintings clocks and furniture - is possible and risk free at ARTDATE; a new art and antique auction for the entire

ebonygraphicscom - Limited Edition Prints and African
INVESTMENT ART ARTIST INDEX Search Entire Catalog | Search By Artist | Specials | Return To Main Page Investment Art | About the Artists | Art Terms | Links

Art as an Investment
Art as an Investment Many of my works are being acquired by well known companies and private

Fine Art Investment International Ltd
Fine Art Investment International Ltd Fine Art Agents Publishers & Distributors Your source for 207 fine art paintings and sculpture by 16 world renowned

FolkArt & Craft Exchange(tm)
Furniture Gift Baskets Glass Gothic Gourds Guadalupe Investment Art Jazz Jewelry Leather Macramé

Gandy Gallery in the Washington Times - Classical Realism
Return From Page C8 THE WASHINGTON TIMES Sunday Oct 29 2000 By Robert Stacy McCain

Investing in works of art: Art investment used to be reserved only for super-rich patrons; One only needs look at recent auction results to realize that art

ART - Biotechnology Consulting & Biotech Marketing - Home
ART offers investment consulting services that assist you with investing in companies in America and Europe in the areas of biomedical technology medical

Coins Stamps and Art Investment & Investing Websites
or collector Free investment art guide - assists novice and professional collectors and investors in strategy for acquiring art for their portfolios Art

Monarch Contemporary Art Center and Sculpture Park - Campaign
Monarch: Contemporary Art Center is an 80 acre public sculpture park and a center for the visual arts

The Kavanaugh Art Gallery specializing in investment quality
Kavanaugh Art Gallery Dan and Carole Kavanaugh: For the past 11 years Kavanaugh Art Gallery

Art as an investment
unbecoming fine art It is hard to pick the potential investment art and more often then not the 'good' is brought low by the overwhelming debutants In a time


Law Office Art
A great gift for all occassions; exceptional investment art for home or office Perfect for the entrance lobby law library conference room or private office

Masterpiece Galleries Art Advice Smart Investing
weight in terms of the artist He or she is key to your art investment strategy Primarily the basic factors including your collecting goals enjoyment for a

Art Glossaries

Collecting Art - MuseumSpotcom Feature
and much more Art Investor Magazine features articles about art investment and the impact of the arts on the economy The articles are written in layman's

Art As Investment
at a given time Those watching the financial transactions of the wealthy follow art investment trends adding to the demand for works by particular artists

Exquisite Decor for the Home
The parents who come to us see their quality portraits as investment in fine art art that they will enjoy every day of their lives They regard these

October Gallery
Gallery New York An astute art collector will see the value of an artist’s work long before the investment oriented art collector takes note A connoisseur

Art and Photo Restoration Investment Opportunity High Returns
Urgent investment opportunity / print ready status Dealer Utilities Please read and respond E-mail Us Additional spin-off Artistic individual or art related

Princeton Audubon Limited
We too have created a product that is unique in all the world of Audubon investment art - the world's only direct-camera full-size Audubon prints reproduced

Ancient art as an investment
Sylvia Porter lists ten sound rules as a guide in art collecting

Toy Robots Robby The Robot Animation Art Sci-Fi Movies
Ad Art Coca Cola ™ Budweiser M&M's and Gumby™ All Investment Grade Gallery Art Pieces are Hand Numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity

SHUQCOM - an Exclusive International Shuq - addressing art
Investment/Business Consulting Shuqcom with partnerships offers comprehensive Mining and Mineral Exploration Museums and Fine Art Music News and Media

Artificial Intelligence Neural Networks Chaos Theory &
and Investing: State-of-the-Art Technologies for Securities Selection portfolio managers institutional investors investment analysts and information systems

Spectrum 3D Art Casting Clear sculpture wax investment
The major difference with casting for art is the use of more subjective materials Clear sculpture and wax for investment casting are available using non porous

The Art Newspaper -- Events Politics and Economics
has lost millions in hedge fund The Art Institute of Chicago has lost millions as 90% of its value Integral Investment Management LP the trading firm is

Art That Pays
100 16"x20" fine art prints signed and numbered by the artist 300 4"x7" information cards or calendars 200 8"x10" mini prints 300 greeting cards 500

Wiley :: The Art of Investment
By Keyword Wiley > Business > Finance & Investments > Trading > The Art of Investment Related Subjects

Investment art of artist Dominic De Crescenzo yourgallery
Dominic T DeCrescenzo "Cosmic and Galactic paintings must be preserved as fine

TABLEAUX MODERNES... Ecole de Paris montmartre et montparnasse; HELION. ERTE. GONTCHAROVA. MARINO MARINI. BRIANCHON etc...

Affordable Artisan Arts Online
Discount African American Art prints gifts figurines collectibles and african imports. Featuring Black Artists such as Annie Lee WAK Alix Beaujour Charles Bibbs Thomas Blackshear and Ernie Bar

Custom Framed Art Prints Paintings & Photography
Buy framed art from over 1000 artists. Save up to 50% everday. Free shipping plus a money-back guarantee.

Premier Animation Art Uk
Specialists in original vintage and contemporary animation Art cels + drawings. Inc. Disney Simpsons Warner Bros Hanna Barbera etc.

Hard Money Venture Capital Small Business Loans.
Hard Money Venture Capital Small Business Loans. For The Start Up And Established Business.

Gallery "Shazina"
Contemporary art collections

Art Prints Framed Art art Artbound Express
Artbound Express sells art prints posters & framed art. Fast becoming America's favorite place to buy art!

Aboriginal Art - Original & Authentic
High quality of Australian Aboriginal art with excellent investment value.

Sculpture & Painting for the fine art collector
Spanish artist Ramón Lapayese (Madrid 1928-Miami [Fl USA] 1994). Anthologically planned this Website covers the artistic output of the artist noted member of Spanish Figural Expressionism of the

Amazingly Uncommon Paintings by Sweet Briar
Have you ever considered buying art as an investment? The aim at Art Beyond the Edge is to introduce the world to the amazingly uncommon paintings by the self-taught artist Sherry Baumann; artistical

Art-In-Time Gallery -Original Figurative Paintings
This Fine Art Gallery presents contemporary artists of exceptional talent who like the old masters and impressionist painters create timeless artworks of the utmost artistic and technical quality

maher sinjary
personal site of maher sinjary from kurdistan of Iraq student in institute of fine arts in painting department this site about my Artwork and my life ........

Urban Rush Productions
Film Art & New Media pre-production and development. The company specialises in the themes of independent and alternative aspects and develops feature film art film and radical art projects.

Abstract Paintings Sale Original Art Investment
Original Abstract Paintings for Sale and Art Investment. At Art Beyond the Edge you will find one-of-a-kind original abstract acrylic paintings for home office gifts or investment purposes; for th

Online Appraisals
Your source for some of the best and most affordable appraisers on the Web; featuring links to online appraisals of art jewelry antiques and collectibles real estate and more.

Established in 1967 we specialise in 19th and 20th century Painting. Department Old Masters. from RUBENS. ZURBARAN. F.GUARDI. LOCATELLI.... to PICASSO. GAUGUIN. VAN GOGH. W.LAM. MARQUET. PICABIA.

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